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The vendor they used (cubic) has systems around the world, yet still managed to stuff up the implementation.A lot of the blame is squarely on the shoulders of Translink as they didn't want to mess with the Zonal system in use in QLD.Translink must think we're all in wheelchairs or three feet tall which is strange because I only see one wheelchair user regularly on my line, and no midgets (unless you count junior humans).Sorry, I have a lot of pent-up rage over the Go Card system and trains generally :) The credit card pinpad is so low down I have to stoop to read it.Also the gates at the main line stations stay open far too long. The credit card pinpad is so low down I have to stoop to read it.The number of people getting off without paying is huge. How old people are supposed to manage I don't know.And given that they can't design/order proper equipment, I'm certainly not trusting them with my personal details or credit card information. I don't see why the pinpad is so low anyway – the touch screen that you have to use to top up is much higher up, so I assume they've established that Just don't forget to swipe on and off at every leg of the journey or you may end up paying double.

They also check concession ID cards for students and sometimes passports.

Hopefully they've fixed some of the serious bugs with the system, but judging comments from friends and various places I've seen the system is just as borked as usual. My personal "stuffed" favourite goes to Belfast, who issues different smart cards depending on which zones you want to purchase day trips to.

Without getting too deep into things I haven't had any trouble with Go card in about a year maybe and that was my own fault.

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Even if you don't travel on public transpor now you might in the future and it slows the service down even more than now if there are people buying a paper ticket. just got to brisbane & will have to get one this weekend – don't have an address so i miss out on this sweet deal great idea for the locals The go card travel rates are a lot cheaper than buying a ticket Yes, because they hiked the paper ticket fares by a metric ton at the start of the year. The readers are illegible in bright sunlight and/or high humidity. *rolls eyes* The only time they're really clear is after dark (provided it's not humid! The problem is that people peering at them to try and figure out how much they have left, or what the error message is if they get a bad beep, slows the whole queue down.

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