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The great hammerhead is a very large shark with the characteristic hammer-shaped head from which it gets its common name.

The font margin of the head is nearly straight with a shallow notch in the center in adult great hammerheads, distinguishing it from the smooth hammerhead and scalloped hammerhead.

The eastern Pacific range is from southern Baja, California (US) through Mexico, south to Peru.

The great hammerhead is considered a highly migratory species within Annex I of the 1982 Convention on the Law of the Sea.

In the western Atlantic Ocean, it ranges from North Carolina (US) south to Uruguay, including the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean regions, while in the eastern Atlantic Ocean, this species ranges from Morocco to Senegal, including the Mediterranean Sea.

Other common names are abu garn (Arabic), akran (Arabic), cação-martelo (Portuguese), cachona (Spanish), cachona grande (Spanish), cambeva (Portuguese), cawar (Somali), cornuda de ley (Spanish), cornuda gigante (Spanish), glowomlot olbrzymi (Polish), grand requin marteau (French), grande squalo martello (Italian), großer hammerhai (German), grote hamerhaai (Dutch), hira-shumokuzame (Japanese), isovasarahai (Finnish), jarjur (Arabic), martelo (Portuguese), martillo (Spanish), megalozygena (Greek), nami-shumokuzame (Japanese), papa mbingusi (Swahili), peix martelo (Portuguese), : pesce martello maggiore (Italian), pez martillo (Spanish), requin marteau (French), tollo cruz (Spanish), yu parang (Malay), and yu tukul (Malay).There are 3-5 ridges on each blade on small specimens and as many as 5 or 6 in larger individuals.The teeth along the posterior margin are short with the median tooth slightly longer than the other teeth.Due to its large size and variety of prey, this shark should be treated with respect and caution.In the US, hammerheads (with the exception of the bonnethead which is a small coastal species) are grouped with large coastal species, a group that biologist consider to be one of the most vulnerable to overfishing.

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The first dorsal fin is very tall with a pointed tip and strongly falcate in shape while the second dorsal is also high with a strongly concave rear margin.

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