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Writings by the Roman scholar Pliny from the first century A. The ancient methods of pouring hot molten glass into a clay intaglio and carefully pressing it into place has been modified through the centuries.

Vintage cameos and those of today are still made using clay intaglio molds.

The following are examples of some of the beautiful vintage cameos of glass.

Cameo with the Wedding of Cupid and Psyche or an initiation rite made of layered onyx and dated to mid to late first century BCE, Greece; Henry Lillie Pierce Fund; Photograph © Museum of Fine Arts, Boston “You’ll typically see allegorical themes, portraits or mythic figures like Medusa for example,” said Stoehrer.

Stoehrer noted that while mythology has been the predominant theme of cameos, some were commissioned to depict real people, a particularly good example of which can be found in bracelet-form in the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston’s permanent collection.

“The subject matter rarely varied, most cameos--whether ancient or 17th, 18th or 19th century-- tended to depict scenes or personalities from Greek mythology.

The universal appeal of tales of love, loss, deception and magic endured,” said Rowan.

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Many times the glass has a beautiful swirled effect.

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