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Can you tell us what's the best kind of smile to get from someone?JUDY: Humans have eighteen types of smiles, believe it or not!Meanwhile, men may stretch, or stuff their hands in their pockets, which conveniently broadens their chest. PART FOUR: THE BEST FLIRTY SMILES--TO GIVE AND TO GET ME: Ha!

ME: What are some other signs that a new "friend" might actually be interested in you, romantically?

Smiles with crow's feet are the best to see, and to give—and a good reason to not get Botox to eliminate crow's feet! That's all for today, but stay tuned: I'll have two more dispatches from Judy in the next week or so--one will go into more detail about body language, and the other will cover what research has discovered about the best pick-up lines; and also about body language. i'm glad you've been following along with my escapades ...

xxx-------------*As a dating blogger, I read a lot of books like this, and I can tell you, Judy's stands out from the crowd in that it's backed up with serious studies, done by actual scientists and psychology scholars.**Ha! and really, i ASSURE you, i almost entirely lack flirtatious confidence!

JUDY: Friends may act friendly, but flirters will flaunt their assets.

That's why women will fiddle with or flip their hair, or find an excuse to "parade" in front of someone by strutting toward the bathroom, or lick their lips.

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Even better, she was a great, supportive, encouraging colleague who was always trying to get me new opportunities to write. she got on the horn with me the other afternoon to give me the dirt on the science behind flirting, so I could share it with you.(look! **) PART ONE: GUESS WHO ATTRACTS THE MOST ATTENTION IN PUBLIC SETTINGS ...

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