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Four different Brown's Beach Jacket garments can be seen in this scene from the HBO series Boardwalk Empire.From left to right- early BB jacket in black with pointed collar, later blue BB jacket with rounded collar, what looks to be an early BB vest and finally an early BB collar-less jacket in black.Grenades blew up those queuing for tickets in the snaking lines.Fifty-two people were killed and dozens more were injured as the vast ticket hall of the city’s busiest and most historic station – formerly called Victoria Terminus and inspired by St Pancras in London – was ruthlessly turned into a slaughterhouse.

A dedicated Air Quality Information Service for Indian Metropolitan Cites to make India self sufficient in providing frontier research based Scientific accrediated robust Air Quality Forecasting system.

The figurehead for the country’s collective hatred over 26/11, as it came to be called, was Ajmal Amir Kasab, the lone surviving gunman.

Kasab was 21 when he strolled into the railway station carrying an AK-47 and indiscriminately shot at men, women and children.

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