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“ELIZA did very little but caused a stir at the time and is well documented in the Artificial Intelligence literature.

Our first chatbot program had the name Do-A-Lot because it did more than ELIZA.

It will serve as a software core that can be configured for anything the market requires.

It could, for example, discuss a company and its products; or a mobile app such as a virtual girlfriend or boyfriend; or a server based application with which cell phone users can interact via SMS messaging.,’’ says Levy.

“When I started out,” says David Levy, international chess champion and expert in artificial intelligence, “I didn’t know anything about artificial vaginas.

It is quite extraordinary how much interest there is in that subject.”, is perhaps the fullest exploration of the future of humans and robots, especially their interaction in the bedroom.

Female dolls either have fixed or removable vaginas and cost anything from ,000-,000. “I believe that loving sex robots will be a great boon to society,” he says.

Concept Net is knowledge-based, created as part of the Open Mind Common Sense project, which is an artificial intelligence scheme based at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab.

The goal is to build what’s known as a large “common sense knowledge base’’ developed from the contributions of many thousands of people across the web.“We employ Word Net to provide Do-Much-More with certain useful linguistic data about words, helping us to generate responses that generally appear to be natural in terms of word association,’’ says Levy. But once enough people use it you have a kind of bandwagon effect.

By kissing the screen, the movements of a person’s lips can be mirrored in the other machine and that kiss will be given to whoever has his or her mouth against a corresponding machine.

The future, he says, will involve the subconscious part of the brain.

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Our second generation chatbot does even more, and was therefore given the working name Do-Much-More.’’Do-Much-More delivers a significant leap in performance relative to the original Do-A-Lot software.

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