Girls guide to dating geeks

Whilst we geek girls are pretty secure in our geek niches, we are also women, hence a multitude of general anxiety over pretty much every physical aspect of our appearance .(Wait, you’re body confident and think this line is offensive to women everywhere?Avoid comments like cute, quirky, original, eclectic – we are aware of these, and we want to be desirable as well.As a basic checklist, think of every descriptive word you would apply to a geek girl and try and replace it with something more descriptive or feminine.

That said, remember there are some conversation openers that are never acceptable ‘Did it hurt when you fell from heaven’ and some that are equally inappropriate for your target member ‘Going on Deal or no Deal is my dream/ I don’t own a Smartphone/ Twitter users are narcissists with no social nous’ (you get the idea).Last month we shared with you the rather contentious article on how to date a geek guy.I suggested conversation starters, tips on locations as to where a geek man might hang out, and activities to do with the chosen geek once you bagged that date.TV shows tend to be a good opener, as most geek girls will have an opinion on them.Bonus points if you manage to reference something cult (think Dollhouse/Firefly) but equal points regarded if you have read the book relating to the show (Game of Thrones/True Blood/ Legend of the Seeker) women appreciate men who make a well rounded effort.

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I realize this contradicts the ‘don’t call us unique’ comment of the last point, but there are right ways and wrong ways of going about things, and women reserve the right to change their minds and contradict themselves at any possible moment.

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