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The researchers also note that the latest version of Fin Fisher received several technical improvements in terms of stealthiness, including the use of custom code virtualization to protect the majority of its components like the kernel-mode driver.

It also makes use of anti-disassembly tricks, and numerous anti-sandboxing, anti-debugging, anti-virtualization and anti-emulation tricks, aiming at compromising end-to-end encryption software and known privacy tools.

Previously published documents by Wiki Leaks also indicated that the Fin Fisher maker also offered a tool called "Fin Fly ISP," which is supposed to be deployed on ISP level with capabilities necessary for performing such a Mit M attack.

Also, the infection technique (using the HTTP 307 redirect) was implemented in the same way in the two affected countries ESET discovered being targeted by the new variants of Fin Fisher.

Cybercriminals are known to take advantage of everything that's popular among people in order to spread malware, and Google's official Play Store has always proved no less than an excellent place for hackers to get their job done.

Yesterday some users spotted a fake version of the most popular Whats App messaging app for Android on the official Google Play Store that has already tricked more than one million users into downloading it.

However, a new report published today by ESET claimed that its researchers had discovered new surveillance campaigns utilizing new variants of Fin Fisher in seven countries, which comes bundled with a legitimate application. Attackers are targeting victims using a man-in-the-middle (Mit M) attack, where the internet service providers (ISP) are most likely operating as the "middle man"—bundling legitimate software downloads with Fin Fisher.

Fin Spy is a highly secret surveillance tool that has previously been associated with British company Gamma Group, a company that legally sells surveillance and espionage software to government agencies across the world.

The app maker added a Unicode character space after the actual Whats App Inc. However, this hidden character space at the end of the Whats App Inc.

would be easily invisible to an average Android user browsing Google Play Store, allowing this dodgy version of the app to masquerade as a product of Whats App Inc.

This results in the installation of a version of the intended legitimate application bundled with the surveillance tool.

"The redirection is achieved by the legitimate download link being replaced by a malicious one," the researchers say.

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So, users are advised to be more vigilant while downloading apps not only from the third-party app store but also from official Play Store in order to protect themselves.

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