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Visit for more related articles at Journal of Tissue Science & Engineering Manuka honey; Tissue engineering; Templates; Tissue regeneration A renewed interest in medical-grade honey is revitalizing the clinical and biomedical engineering communities.

The primary driving force for this revitalization has been the goal of developing non-antibiotic alternatives and effective new ways to prevent and fight bacterial infections.

As noted, the MGO in Manuka honey is responsible for antibacterial activity and creates an environment in which bacteria cannot build a resistance to honey [3].

In particular, Manuka honey will likely continue to be favored when dealing with wound dressings because of its noted non-peroxide activity.

In the field of tissue engineering, a central area of focus has been on engineering biomaterial-based templates aimed at facilitating and guiding new tissue formation by a variety of approaches.

Research has also shown that the low p H of 3.2-4.5 is a powerful property of honey that kills bacteria with an added benefit of also potentially contributing to the induction of angiogenesis [4,5].

Furthermore, the ability of honey to inactivate free iron is extremely efficient at killing bacteria [6].

Another study also provided evidence that the functionality of medical honey was necessary in eliminating MRSA in patients that had infections which persisted for four months despite the continued use of antibiotics [9].

In summary, Manuka honey has demonstrated the ability to stop bacterial (MRSA and E.

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Its functionality includes a broadband anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and enhanced wound healing capacity that may be the tissue engineering trifecta and deserves further consideration as an essential tissue engineering ingredient (i.e. Manuka honey is typically monofloral and derived from the nectar of a flowering scrub-tree native to New Zealand and southeast Australia called The unique manuka factor (UMF) in Manuka honey is the methylglyoxal (MGO) level which is responsible for its anti-bacterial effect.

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