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Any guy who thinks having a cat somehow affects his masculinity is just insecure.

And they don't slobber all over you If they lick you. Neighbors that were moving last spring asked if I would take their cat. Hasn't eaten the sheetrock off the walls, hasn't torn up my shoes. Not only thatbut you'd rather talk to cat hating guysthan cat loving guys. It may appear sissy to the men, but then - it's not the men who's opinions I care about now is it? that he has been my best friend for almost 11 years and i know he would never betray me. It was suposed to be a family pet, but it didnt want anything to do with anyone but me. I'm not knocking those breeds, I love dogs, but you must know the type of guy I mean. The other is a little female about a year and a half old. I personally dont like cats though, its just a personal preferance. It's the guys who like to swagger around with their pit bulls and rottweilers trying to look all macho and tough, who are probably more insecure. He's never been the friendliest cat with anyone but me. As stated above, the worst about a cat is you have to scoop the litter. Aw, a lot of straight guys either love cats or like/tolerate them. One hates the world and the other is a total sweetheart. Someone who talks about their cats constantly and cant talk of anything else - comes off as odd.

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Doesn't make any noise at all and is self sufficient. Nothing more charming than catching a big, macho guy with a bemused look on his face playing with a kitten. because you hate the fact that I hate cats so very much, it stands out much more than what any of the cat loving guys say.

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