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Where can I download or stream Red Shoe Diaries Season 1 Episode 01 Safe Sex?You can download or watch Red Shoe Diaries Season 1 Episode 01 Safe Sex online at She spends the first five minutes giving us a dispassionate list of bits of men's bodies that she likes. Standout quote so far: “And then there were the chairs...” She's brought him here because she gets off on chairs. This is also why she always had to stand up on the bridge in . These are: Fetlock Balls Forehead Chin Lower half of shin Solar plexus Scalp The poor man whose solar plexus she's so obsessed with is played by Robert Knepper, who once appeared in She tells him to “spread 'em” so she can inspect his lower fetlock and bum. We then get ten minutes of assorted bap flapping, while he looks disinterested. I only know colours from painting shows, so I'm assuming it was one of those. He finds all sorts of people sexy, including his bank manager and his own aunt. The next morning, Jake discovers Jo's photo album, full of long distance shots of... Aside from that, it’s a meandering whodunit-type story that melds their dreams and fantasies together into one cocktail of train hopping and bullet dodging.It’s all very cheap, wholly unconvincing, and loaded with dull narration.And for bucks a pop, with a .99 charge for every minute after! He reaches Delilah, and the two of them have a one-on-one where they’re sizing each other up.She’s terrible at staying on topic and getting his credit card information, and he’s playing hard-to-get because that’s what jerks do when they call sex hotlines.

There’s not a whole lot of nostalgia for nineties television because the medium, in a terrible growing pains phase, was garbage. The sort of smut you could watch in case anyone was looking over your shoulder. If you were looking for that return to passion-less syndicated smut, it’s a good thing you’ve got “Sweet Talk.” Seemingly beamed in from 1992, this low budget two-hander focuses on a couple named, egah, Samson and Delilah.

Not a surprise that director Terri Hanauer has a background in this sort of thing.

Hanauer, making her directorial debut, logged some time on Showtime‘s “Zane’s Sex Chronicles,” modeled after the bodega-quality erotic fiction written by the prolific Zane.

The television of yesterday lived on in repeats and syndication like nuggets of gold from a past era, and the television of today is considered a safe haven for artists and storytellers like David Simon and Matthew Weiner. Premium cable was just busting out, and in between the endless re-airings of movies, which grew less novel as DVD swept the nation, they had to air something. Delilah (Natalie Zea) is just floating by, an actress who now gladly shares an apartment, and phone sex operation, with a friend.

There was a lot of stuff like “Red Shoe Diaries,” which shot sex scenes through soap filters so that if you sought titillation, you’d have to squint, and only after you sat through twenty minutes of meeting-cute (or meeting scary! Of course, this became more amusing if you were a kid without cable, and you caught the scrubbed-up edited versions of shows like this, or even “The Hitchhiker,” and you’d basically have to squint even harder, or outright project sexual behavior, if only to distract from the C-level acting and shoddy production value.

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