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Enough about Philadelphia’s first pro football championship since 1960.To me it was a great game, and I'm glad that the Eagles won and all that, but I’ve passed the point in life where I'm going to go climb lap posts. Truthfully, I could have dealt with another Patriot win.I have a feeling that Bill Belichick knows that, too, and his defensive coordinator saved him the trouble of firing him when he took the Lions' head coaching job right after the Super Bowl. *********** Does it really help the “hearing impaired” in the stadium to have someone sign the national anthem?*********** I think that was the national anthem that that pretty blonde sang - I sort of recognized the tune, but it was slow, as if it were a dirge. Wouldn’t it be better to put the words up on the big screen?Subjects cover but aren't limited to coaching, leadership, character, football history and current football happenings, education, parenting, citizenship and patriotism, other sports, and even, sometimes, my offense.) LIKE #4, DVD #5 IS LONG: 1 HOUR AND 23 MINUTES.LIKE #4, IT INCLUDES A LOT OF MATERIAL THAT WASN'T COVERED AT THE KANSAS CITY CLINIC. (1) MY SLIMMED-DOWN DOUBLE WING PACKAGE - A MUST FOR ANY DIRECT-SNAP COACH WHO'S EVER THOUGHT ABOUT A LIMITED BUT EFFECTIVE "SURPRISE" OR GOAL-LINE PACKAGE.

*********** Shame on both defensive coaches for getting caught with their pants down.*********** If you didn’t know there was a football game going on and only saw the commercials, you’d think they were aimed at a largely-female audience.If they weren’t touchy-feely, they were pushing for social justice or worshipping at the shrine of the god Diversity.He didn’t get off to a good start in the NFL, but then, under Chip Kelly, he had a good year. And then he was traded, and it was back to near-obscurity again. As Mike Florio said afterwards in NBCSN’s post-game show: “If the NFL would have more games like this in the regular season, they wouldn’t have a ratings problem.” It shows what can happen when (1) two good teams play each other; (2) there is not one single offensive holding penalty; (3) there is not one single defensive pass interference penalty; (4) there is only one fumble and only one interception; (5) there are three missed placekicks - in the first half alone!A few years later, he wound up back with the Eagles, but as a backup to one of the best young quarterbacks to come along in years. ; (6) there’s very little controversy over what institutes a catch; (7) the coaches coach aggressively instead of playing for field goal position; (9) there are more touchdowns than field goals; (10) there is an almost total absence of the selfish jackassery and showmanship that have come to symbolize the NFL; (11) The social justice issues were set aside, as they should have been from Day One.

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  2. Online anecdotes blaming social media for failed marriages and relationships are easy to find: Meanwhile, 43% of U. Internet users check in with social networking sites daily and countless others use social networks on an irregular basis. Mark Gaither, founder of Redemptive Heart Ministries and author of , says “If social media—e-mail, dating sites, etc.—does anything to contribute to the divorce rate, it makes illicit behavior more convenient. “The Internet offers a less risky entrance to the world of cheating for someone who would otherwise choose a more constructive path.” Gaither argues that social networking isn’t the problem.

  3. Previously published documents by Wiki Leaks also indicated that the Fin Fisher maker also offered a tool called "Fin Fly ISP," which is supposed to be deployed on ISP level with capabilities necessary for performing such a Mit M attack.