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Essentially, you must get a license for each grade of each class – A7 through A1 (A for asphalt – the highest performing modern cars), B4 through B1 (off-road vehicles for use on rally courses), and C4 through C1 (classic cars) – before you can compete in the Pv E experience, the Solar Crown.The Solar Crown, the equal parts grueling and rewarding Pv E tournaments per island, has two tournaments with roughly seven challenges each per category, leading up to a massive, island-spanning, traffic-snarled time trial for island cup.Going the distance means shepherding your funds into only the best cars in each successive category (when you’d rather be buying Lamborghinis and Porsches) and, worse, places to put them, since you need to have one of each for the island cup, but the Ibiza cup offers a gorgeous Lotus Evora and a cool million as a prize.With that kind of money, you might feel like trying your luck in the casino, available in the Atari store for a modest .Simply double-click the downloaded file to install it.Update Star Free and Update Star Premium come with the same installer.All kinds of handling characteristics come into play as cars increase in coolness and power and the three levels of assisted driving only minimize – never mitigate - the errors new drivers tend to make.Learn the basic lessons – brake to an appropriate speed before entering a turn, accelerate through the apex, minimize drift, try not to exceed tire traction on dead starts, pass on the outside on a turn, use manual to shift gears quickly, etc. Go in as a bump-and-grind racing cowboy, cornering off your competitors’ sideboards, and you probably won’t complete the A5 challenges, let alone the A1 – A3 brackets where the exotic-sounding cars you’ve only seen on TV compete.

The kind of extra hardware you need to properly control the higher performance cars isn't so easily forgivable, however.That’s my chief complaint about TDU2 – it mounts hardcore treads in casual racer rims.Throughout the tutorial and the licensing process (more on that in gameplay), TDU2 fails to do one thing that its older brother – the Gran Turismo series – does so well: teach performance driving.For that price you’d expect something comparable to a XBLA game, and you’d get it.The casino has its own leveling system apart from the main games 60 levels and its own convertible currency, along with slots, poker, roulette, a VIP room and cocktail bar, and self contained cocktail bar and clothing / customizations shop.

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