Vb net progressbar not updating

To illustrate, you can try the following example: A very basic example, where, as soon as the window is ready, we do a loop from 0 to 100 and in each iteration, we increment the value of the Progress Bar.Any modern computer can do this faster than you can blink your eyes, so I've added a delay to each iteration of 100 milliseconds.As you can see the value I am raising the progress bar is completely arbitrary. NET progress bar example This is the source code for a C# progress bar example The code only varies slightly in C#, I’ll make sure to explain any differences.Line 30 – Print out a message box saying complete Line 31 – Hide the progress bar so that it is no longer visible, we’ve already told the user that the task is complete, there’s no need to continue showing the progress bar. Besides the semicolons at the end of every line, only lines 12, 31, and 32 differ from the VB. Line 12, Line 32 – Boolean values must be in lower case.

Line 7 – we can think of the maximum as how many steps their are. This makes it useful if you want to update a random number of objects stored in an array, in that case we could store the Progress Bar1. Line 9 – we are just initializing our progress bar to 0 Line 11 – we make the progress bar visible.

Please be aware that while the Background Worker does help a lot with multithreading related problems, there are still some things you should be aware of, so please have a look at the Background Worker articles in this tutorial before doing anything more advanced than a scenario like the one above.

For some tasks, expressing the progress as a percentage is not possible or you simply don't know how long it will take.

This step is up to you, I infrequently use the progress bar and I usually keep it hidden until I have a reason to display it.

If your progress bar is already visible you can delete this line of code Line 13 – this line is completely unrelated to the progress bar, whatever value is specified in the Sleep argument is how long your application will wait to update.

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