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The Prius bucked up in the air, and then the trunk opened, the rear hatch opened, about four inches into the air and caught him right in the middle of his abdomen. He injured a couple of ribs, and he was right back on the motorcycle the next day, driving for us. Stunts are just, they’re so fucking dangerous, but boy they look good when they turn out well.So that stunt was a stunt gone wrong, and it knocked the air out of him, and he went down. All the violence in the movie, you try to make it look as realistic as you can. It’s almost like seeing a You Tube video of a real accident and that’s what we wanted to go for, that level of realism and shock and the consequence of violence.Our stunt coordinator, Eddie Fernandez, is just a super-badass.We really worked hand-in-hand and had every single little detail worked out. It shouldn’t be fun or it shouldn’t be sensationalized, I don’t think.

Our main driver, Jeremy Fry, is the guy who did all the stunts in We had the best of the best. That motor crash was originally one of the worst nights of the entire shoot.

Wheelman spends the rest of the night speeding away from his would-be killers as he desperately tries to find a solution to this deadly conundrum.

We here at Screen Mayhem had the good fortune to talk to the movie’s writer and director Jeremy Rush.

You surround yourself with THE most experienced people, that are exponentially more experienced and more talented, and then you put them in a position to try to do their best work. We set this thing up and the motorcycle driver, Joe…

I think he was coming in at the back of that Prius at about 30 miles an hour.

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