Who is trina dating 2018

They were engaged to be married, she relocated to Atlanta to live with him and now she’s back on the prowl.

Erica’s relationship with fellow cast member Rich Dollaz was a tornado.

She has a son, she needs to be a mother to him and stay clear of any relationships.

She needs to get herself together, she isn’t happy, her relationship with Bow really devastated her when the two broke up.

According to XXL Magazine “Trina is one of the reliable rapper of all time”.

It was from early 2005 for 2 years to 2007; that this couple dated with each other!Erica is no stranger to dating women, a couple of seasons ago on Love and Hip Hop, she dated Cyn Santana but broke her heart after she began dating Bow Wow. I just can’t justify these two in a real relationship, something fishy about these two, Trina has admitted to being bisexual in the past, allegedly she dated Missy Elliott.The two were spotted snuggling before Trina’s LA Pride day performance. It seems that being bisexual is par for the course, if you are not bisexual, then there is something wrong with you.She craves attention, she loves nice things and she loves d$ck, so I’m just wondering how long this relationship will last.Erica has a tendency of dating men and wearing her heart on her sleeve to only be disappointed in the end.

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